New: Social Maximizer Launches Its Content Writing Service!

website-content-writingSocial Maximizer is proud to announce the launch of its new Content Writing Service

Content Writing Service

We have been in the business of social bookmarking, directory submissions, and link building since 2006.

There is one confession we are about to make. In over 6 years of seeing thousands of websites, there is one thing that many of our staff members have been constantly reporting: There are far more websites with crappy content than websites with quality content. However, being only a submission service, we only submitted the sites for the clients who ordered them, quality content or not.

Times have changed. Link building is still important, but the weight that quality content has in terms of search engine rankings is increasing drastically. Put simply, if you want to rank high, you need to strike a good balance between content and backlinks.

And as people obsessed with achieving high rankings, we just had to launch our own writing service.

The main goal of our Content Writing Service is to help people publish well-researched, original and useful content on their blogs and websites. In this way, the website owner is still seen as an authority for publishing articles researched and written by expert writers.

Other Aims of Our Service:

  • The client can spend more time on the actual marketing of his brand, product or website instead of writing (which can get mundane and boring if you are not really into it)
  • Actually really helping people out by providing them with relevant, real and accurate information pertaining to their search
  • Encourage lead generation and sales
  • Build our clients’ authority in a niche
  • Better rankings in the search engine results page
  • Higher engagement and social sharing with our integrated social bookmarking service

We promise top-quality content, in the form of blog posts, articles, web content, ebooks, press releases or kindle books.

Our system has been designed to make the order and delivery process as simple, seamless and intuitive as possible. Upon signing up/logging in, the customer can log into the Members’ Area, where he or she can fill in the Order Form with all the necessary details. Delivery is made via email. As for the turnaround time, it really depends on the volume of the order.

Customers can take advantage of the following discounts if they intend to order a minimum of 5 articles:

5% off when ordering 5 articles or more

10% off when ordering 10 articles or more

Our content writing service is available from today. Click here to go to the service page.

A Quick Guide To Twitter Community Management

If you have a Twitter account, to be able to connect with your current customers and furthermore attract new ones, it is important that you have a Twitter business strategy that will help with your overall social marketing goals. Random tweeting, while a good approach to extending your online reach, does very little in terms of attracting new business. To manage a successful Twitter account, you will need a variety of Tweets that you will send out on a daily basis. The point is to stand out from the crowd.

How to Run a Successful Twitter Account

1. First thing First, your Twitter Avatar Counts

 – If you have a Twitter account that you intend to use for business, consider investing in a professional picture of your team or yourself. A bad Twitter picture can cause significant damage to an online brand.

– Take some time to carefully draft your Twitter bio. Under no circumstances should you optimize it for your business name or your name. Use the right keywords in your bio to help prospective customers find you.

– Don’t make people look for your details on Twitter. Your contact information and a special landing page for your followers, should they need more information about you, should be prominently placed.

2. The Business Side of Things

–  If you want people on Twitter to take you seriously as a brand, be consistent. Aim to respond to all tweets within 24 hours.

– To connect with your current followers and potentially attract new ones, keep your tweets clear. Use plain English as far as possible. Do not stuff your tweets with hashtags. Hashtags can sometimes make tweets harder to read on certain platforms.

– If you are sharing links on Twitter, make sure that the links have been shortened and positioned right in the middle of the tweet. Links should be followed by hashtags.

– If you have different people managing your Twitter account, consider mentioning them in your bio and ask your team members to use their initials with their tweets. This avoids the issue of a single Twitter account having different voices.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Social Business Strategy Isn’t Working

Often when you ask people about their social media strategy, the response you get sounds roughly as follow, “Oh, we are so on top of this thing. We are on Facebook and Twitter. We have a couple of YouTube videos and they’ve raked in a few hundred likes. We are planning to join LinkedIn and Pinterest soon. Google+ did not really work for us”.

But here is the kicker!

social media marketing

This is not a social strategy. This is merely a list of social media tactics. Having a Facebook page means nothing. Just about anyone can create a Facebook page. What matters is what you do with the page. You see, having a Facebook page is a lot like having an iPhone 5. It’s an incredible tool but it needs a purpose. How are you using your Facebook page to meet the expectations of your fans? How is your presence on Facebook benefiting your overall social media objectives?

According to Forrester’s latest report, social tactics are not significant sales drivers. Statistically, less than 1% buyers are visitors redirected from the social sites. One possible explanation for this could be that social media aids the buying process in an indirect way that cannot be accurately evaluated. A second explanation would be that most corporate social strategies are simply not good enough.

If your social business strategy is not working, you could be doing one of three things wrong. Equally possible, you could be doing everything wrong. Let’s find out.

3 Reasons Why Your Corporate Social Strategy is not Working

1. You are Creating Updates, Not Content

content is kingThe social sites are platforms where you can connect with your current customers and attract new ones as well. Every update you post on Facebook or Twitter should have a definite purpose and contain the hallmarks of valuable content. In this way, you are not simply announcing what you are up to on the social sites, you are creating content with a specific objective.

On the social sites, a good update should contain the following elements:

– An objective: After all, what you need is either engagement or click-throughs. Decide which one you want to focus on.

– Headline: This should be an emotional trigger and eye-catching.

– Description: The description of an update should be a testimony to your copywriting skills. The goal is to get your fans and followers to take a specific action.

– Image: Last but not least, an update should contain an appropriate image. It need not be too explicit but it does need to be emotionally stimulating.

A good way to come up with attention-grabbing updates is to dig into the psychology of your fans and use your copywriting skills to tap on their emotional triggers. This will drive them to engage. At the end of the day, the whole point of being on the social sites is to increase the reach and impact of your brand. This can be achieved if you do more of what your prospects like and less of what they don’t. It all comes down to engagement, engagement and engagement.

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8 Effective Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Marketing
8 Effective Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

In 2012, the virtual bulletin board Pinterest secured over 10 million active users establishing the site as the latest social media giant right after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Pinterest is therefore a remarkable marketing tool, a perpetually growing online community that is benefitting businesses using it in a number of ways:

1. More referred traffic

2. More quality leads

3. More sharing on the social sites like Facebook and Twitter

4. More sales


As a business owner, you are probably already on Pinterest. The real challenge is to successfully market on Pinterest. The real question is how do you become a real “pinner”. To help you get started pinning like the big kahunas on Pinterest, here are a few tips and pointers.

1. Organize Your Content

organize contentOn Pinterest, it is not enough to share things. The whole point of the social site is for people to discover things in a fun and very visual way. Organize your boards and pins in a way that makes sense. Each board should tell its own unique story. Each board should convey a unique message. Don’t dump all your content onto a single board. Sort it out for your audience. Note that using different boards also helps you expand the impact and reach of your brand because you can then reach out to the different segments of your audience in a personal way.

2. Image Quality is Chief Image Quality

Pinterest is all about sharing, collecting and organizing images. Therefore it follows that image quality matters a great deal. On Pinterest, blurry, small and images that have a watermark are simply not acceptable. It is true that each and every image you share does not have to be museum-grade but the images should at least look professional. The more effort you invest in your pins, the more you can expect in return.

3. Give Back to the Community

CommunitySocial media marketing is not about self-promotion and spam. Your success will rest upon how much you give back to the community. On Pinterest, things are no different. Although it might be very tempting to just push content out in a self-promoting way, the challenge is to find the time to be an active member of the community. At least once a week, find half an hour for doing nothing but being a good citizen of Pinterest. Re-pin things you like, follow boards whose pins are good, connect with people who have the same interests as you.

4. It’s Okay to Report Time-Wasters

This is really just an extrapolation of being a good member of the community. As a responsible citizen of Pinterest, it’s more than okay, actually it’s recommended that you report spam, broken links and offensive images. This helps keep the community clean and devoid of time-wasters.

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Epic Social Media Win By These 5 Brands

Ah. Social media. It’s an unavoidable topic nowadays. Actually, I will go as far as saying that it’s probably time for you to dump your favorite Internet marketing blog and/or forum if there is no section dedicated to social media on there!

While social media is not THE future of marketing, it certainly forms a big (huge?) part of it. It is not a coincidence that big corporations who do not appear to need any more attention at all are jumping on social media. Think Coca-Cola. Who doesn’t know it? Who doesn’t drink it? And yet, the expensive suits working there decided that it’s important for them to generate over 60 million Likes on their page. Same with Red Bull; they sent a guy (Felix Baumgartner) to space and had him literally jump back to Earth. And yet, they are still very active on their social pages.

In this article, I will dissect the strategies of 5 brands that got their social media marketing right. They have distinctly different strategies, which is why I picked them for this post.


If you have “Liked” them on Facebook, you know how big of a hit their ‘Daily Twist’ campaign was. For those who don’t know, Oreo turned 100 years old last year. To celebrate, they posted pictures and statuses on a daily basis for 100 days.

Their posts were highly relevant to big events that happened in the past, only that they were “Oreo-based”. It would be unreasonable for me to expect you to visualize that sentence, so let me illustrate it below with 4 of their genius images:

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

The amount of work involved, the commitment, the consistency, all of it paid off in the form of thousands of Likes and comments. This led to more people liking the brand and in the end I suppose buying more Oreos. I know for a fact these pictured are super appetizing.

Red Bull

When the company does not send people to space, it interacts with its fans and followers.

While some of us were busy complaining about the new Facebook Timeline, Red Bull decided to celebrate it by creating a game around it! It was called the “Red Bull Scavenger hunt”.

Redbull Social Media

Basically, the aim was to answer questions that the admin asked, based on clues within the Facebook page. This led to an avalanche of comments and likes. Not only that, but it also allowed Red Bull to re-use (and revive) their old content.

Grey Poupon

You may be asking yourself how in the world can a mustard brand have an active social media presence. Well, Grey Poupon found a way.

We can deny it all we want, but we all have a sense of “self-worth” attached to our social profiles. This self-worth is what Grey Poupon is leveraging on.

Grey Poupon Society of Good Taste

It created “The Society of Good Taste” which very basically evaluates you. It even fetches information from your profile and shares to give you a rise in score!

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How To Make People Like You In Social Media

This year and possibly for the many years to come, social media is going to be playing a major role in SEO. It follows that as a business, shares, retweets and +1s are trophies you should be amassing. It is not enough to be on the social sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Because social signals are now valid ranking factors, you should be getting people to subscribe, follow and have your posts come up on their screen on an everyday basis.

make people like your brand

So how do you get people to like you in social media? How do you set fire to your social media presence? It’s a simple 4-part process.

1. Transparency

Transparency is becoming increasingly important in social media. You see, over time, people on the social sites have become quite adept at being able to tell fake personas from real and authentic people. People on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, they don’t want to engage with big corporate logos, they want to talk to and listen to real people.

In social media, transparency can mean different things to different people. Transparency can mean letting your personality shine. It can mean engaging with people. It can mean being funny and exciting. At the end of the day, what you need to remember is this: behind the company name, you are real people.

On the social sites, perhaps the easiest way to show transparency is to tell your story. No matter what niche you are in, every brand has a story. Putting your story out there can show humility, it can be a way to admitting to your past mistakes or it can be a way to tell people why you are better at what you do than others.

If your brand is new and it hasn’t been around for that long, don’t feel dejected. It simply means that you are now telling your story. Share some juicy ”behind the scenes” details or things that are not working out too well for you. People are bound to feel invested.

2. Engagement

In social media, the most important thing is to let your audience know that you are there and you are listening. The best way to do this is to engage with your fans and followers. For people on Facebook and Twitter, there is perhaps no bigger turn-off than shooting a post or a tweet at a brand and come up empty. This essentially translates to you don’t care. On the other hand, if a post or tweet about your brand elicits a response from you, this can go a long way in making your brand totally sexy to the people on the social sites.

Today customer service is an essential part of social media. All work and no personal engagement is going to burn out the excitement about your brand in your social community.

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