Twitter Business Strategy: How to Effectively Use Twitter for your Business


Twitter is one of the most powerful yet least understood internet business tools. By now, most businesses who’re serious about the internet have a Twitter account and are regularly posting on Twitter. However, many of them find that Twitter isn’t quite generating the results that they expected.

Many expected hordes of customers to come flocking in from their social media efforts. Needless to say, for most companies this simply hasn’t happened. Is it because Twitter doesn’t work? No – Most businesses just aren’t running Twitter the way it needs to be run in order to deliver results.

Using Twitter for business is different than using Twitter for personal communications. Here’s how to use Twitter for business.

Start By Understanding Your Audience

What exactly is your audience looking for? Why are they on your Twitter page? What kinds of problems and solutions do they have? What kinds of products do they want to buy?

Many business owners simply assume that they know the answers to these problems. Yet in reality, when you ask your audience these questions, you’ll very often find that their actual answers are quite different than what you might have assumed.

Never run a business Twitter account on a foundation of assumptions. Start by asking your audience questions. Listen closely and tailor your strategy accordingly. Create share worthy content for your audience.

Create a Strategy to Get Followers and Create Loyalty

Followers don’t just fall out of the sky. Too many people assume that if they build a Twitter page, followers will simply appear. This just isn’t true.

Getting a lot of followers takes hard work. You need a multi-pronged strategy for bringing more people to your page. You need to utilize tools like YouTube, social media sites, viral free content and more to get more Twitter followers.

Once you have those followers, you need to make sure that they actually stick around. In order to do that, you need to have a solid content strategy. Map out the kinds of tweets that you intend to post. Make sure there’s a good mix of original content, multimedia, interactivity, questions and branding tweets.

It’s okay to have promotional messages. Just make sure that they don’t overpower your content messages.

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Relevance of Social Bookmarking in 2012 and till the End of the World
Relevance of Social Bookmarking in 2012 and till the End of the World

Okey, first thing first. The objective of this post is not to preach social bookmarking is the greatest social marketing tool in internet marketing history! And no, we are not talking about the end of the world; I thought that would help me get the best of your attention 🙂

Let’s move on to the topic. We all have gone through the process of bookmarking our favorite sites on our browsers, then advancing on to social bookmarking where we started bookmarking, tagging and sharing sites on social platforms. Now we use social networks and more advanced tools like Pinterest.

I have got a question for all internet marketers.  Aren’t we all trying to increase the traffic to our sites? Traffic which is relevant to our sites/blogs and business? If that’s the case should we ignore some tools just because they are a bit old? Because they are not the #trending ones? Or because they are not as good as they used to be?

Whatever is your answer, another question in your mind right now would be about the ROI. What is the ROI one can expect from social bookmarking? Let’s address that question now.

ROI from Social Bookmarking can come in two forms:

a) Increased Traffic

b) Increased Rankings

Some popular social bookmarking sites still do deliver plenty of traffic if your story is interesting enough to get voted up. There have been instances of many sites’ servers crashing because of not being able to handle the load of such traffic! However, that said, this won’t necessarily happen with every submission of yours but if you’ve invested enough in your content, there is some chance for it.

The other benefit of increased rankings is a possibility because there are a few social bookmarking sites that give out do-follow seo-friendly links for every submission. This is a neat way to garner some links to your article/blog post and over time such links could help to a certain extent in strengthening your domain authority.

So coming back to ROI, it’s up to you to decide what the ROI of those two benefits would be to you but as far as costs are concerned, it comes down to how much time you invest in your content and then going ahead and registering on the relevant social bookmarking sites and submitting your story to them. Alternatively, you could use a service like ours where we research and write quality content for you or if you have existing content, then you could have us submit those to the popular social bookmarking sites out there.

There are few things though that you need to be aware of before you start your social bookmarking campaigns especially after the recent updates such as Panda and Penguin. You may ignore the rest of the post if you are a Social Maximizer user, because we take care of these for you already 🙂

For all the others, make sure you or your social bookmarking service provider follow these guidelines. At Social Maximizer, our workflow is already fine-tuned to meet the following criteria.

  1. First thing. Your content should be interesting. No point in submitting not so great content to hundreds of bookmarking sites.
  2. Submit your sites/blog posts only to bookmarking sites which are indexed and cached regularly.
  3. Make sure you are not submitting to multiple social bookmarking sites which are hosted on a single ip address.
  4. Submit manually. Don’t use automated tools which do not care a thing for quality. Social bookmarking is effective only if you submit to most relevant categories, using proper tags, titles and descriptions.
  5. Use more titles and descriptions. Don’t use the same titles and descriptions for all your social bookmarking. For example, if you are submitting to 100 social bookmarking sites, try using at least 4 to 5 various titles and descriptions.
  6. Write your titles and descriptions keeping in mind the readers more than the search engines
  7. Submit to social bookmarking sites regularly. For example, whenever you write a new blog post, make it a practice to submit it to 100 or 200 bookmarking sites.

So now that you have all the information you need to promote your content, it’s time you got started!

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9 Super Funny Google Auto-Suggestions about Facebook & Itself [Infographic]

It’s quite interesting to see what the Google Auto-Suggest feature comes up with at times.

Google is Watching You….Google is God….Facebook is Evil….

These are actual suggestions that were shown by Google when we searched for “Google” and “Facebook” related terms! Given that these suggestions come from Google’s internal databases of what its users have searched over time, it’s funny to think that users would even search for such stuff!

In the image below, we have compiled some of the interesting responses we got when we asked Google (read “auto suggest”) what it thinks of itself and of Facebook. Some of them are quite funny! (Click on the image to enlarge)

Google Funny Autosuggestions on facebook and Google

Please do “auto suggest” this amongst your friends 😉 Tweet about it, share it on facebook, Stumble It, Pin It or whatever else you please!

Alternatively, embed this image on your site:

Feel free to re-use the image, share it and spread it. If you do come up with a few other interesting auto-suggests that we might have missed, please do put mention them in the comments below.

The #1 Way of Getting Likes & Shares: Make Your Content Share Worthy
The #1 Way of Getting Likes & Shares: Make Your Content Share Worthy


Webmasters often focus on all the wrong things when it comes to trying to get more social media attention. They might focus on their social media tools, on special social media strategies, on complex analytics or on any number of other things. While these things can be useful when used in the right way, webmasters often overlook one simple and very basic fact.

That fact is this: It’s content that gets shared. Fantastic content, even without all the fancy tools, will get shared. Poor content on the other hand won’t get shared no matter how great your tools are.

The all important question you need to ask yourself is whether or not your content is truly worth sharing. If someone reads your article or watches your video, would they feel compelled to share it? Would you feel compared to share it if you weren’t the creator?

Here are some of the main factors that make people want to share a piece of content. Make sure your content has these elements before publishing.


People often publish content that’s interesting, but doesn’t actually help the audience’s life in any way. Unfortunately, this kind of content often falls by the wayside.

The classic example is the personal story. Something that happened to you might be extremely interesting to you, but unless you tie the story back into a lesson that the reader can take back to their lives, they simply won’t care about the story.

Every piece of content on your site should benefit the end reader in some way. Answer the all important question: “What’s in it for me?”

Is it Truly Original?


Are the ideas you’re presenting truly original? Or are they just a rehash of old ideas that have already been said and done a dozen times?

Original content doesn’t mean content that you wrote yourself, with stolen ideas. Original content means solutions and approaches that others genuinely haven’t heard before. It’s a fresh perspective on things that users have never seen before.

The best way to come out with original content is to write from personal experience. You can also combine multiple ideas to come up with one original new idea.

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Stuck for Tweets? These 30 Tweets Can Help Get You Started


twitter to get started

Having trouble coming up with things to tweet? Try one of these thirty tweets!

  1. Let people know what’s coming up in your product lines.
  2. Make a big announcement: Events, new promotions, new products, etc.
  3. Ask a question. Make it fun and simple. Tie it in with your brand if possible, but it’s perfectly OK to ask random unrelated questions.
  4. Share news. If a new technology is invented or if a bombshell drops in your industry, be a conduit for news and help people figure out what’s going on.
  5. Do surveys. What could you do better? What do people like? What don’t they like?
  6. Create or promote a seminar or conference. Use Twitter to promote it.
  7. Make a clever joke about something. Or just post something spontaneous.
  8. Share your thoughts about an event, live as it’s going on. What’s great and what’s not great? What are you learning? Who’s there that you didn’t expect to see? Event blogging can also help build backlinks.
  9. Help people prepare for events as they come up. For instance, if a large marketing conference is coming up, tweet tips about how people can get the most out of attending.
  10. Pick a problem and tweet out a solution to that problem. Or tweet out a link that contains a solution to that problem.
  11. Give your personal take on what’s going on in your industry right now. How would you do things differently? Are there pitfalls people need to be aware of? You can even use these trending topics to build backlinks.
  12. If something out of the ordinary happens, talk about it.
  13. Do a special promotion. Are you giving 20% off for last season’s goods? Make sure people know about it. Take care not to sell to your followers too often, but as long as the rest of your content is good most people won’t mind a sales message here and there.
  14. Ask a question. What’s your customers’ opinion on something? How would they run your company better? What features do they want in future updates?
  15. Are you hiring? If so, let people know what positions are open. What kind of people are you looking for? What’s the company’s culture like? Twitter is a fantastic way to get top notch applicants. Read more