How to Leverage Social Media for SEO


By now, you’ve probably heard that social media is important for SEO. Yet most advice around social and SEO seems rather vague. How, exactly, does social media impact SEO? What can you do about it? How can you use social media to improve your own SERPs?

This question can actually be broken down into two parts: Part one is getting your social media profiles, like your Twitter feed and your Facebook page, to rank. The second part is how to use the power of social media to get your primary site ranked higher.

Let’s explore both of these avenues.

How to Boost Your Social Media Profile SERPs

Social-Media-SERPsImagine owning the top three spots for your primary search term: Your main site ranks, as well as your Twitter feed and your Facebook page. You’ll effectively destroy any other site(s) trying to rank for that position.

Of course, this is a dream scenario that rarely happens. However, getting your social media profiles to rank is certainly a worthwhile goal to shoot for. So how is it done?

The first and most important thing to do is to link to your social media profiles from your home page. This lets the search engines know that your social media profile is linked to you. This is actually perhaps the most important thing you could do to boost your social media profile rankings.

Next, build backlinks

build backlinks
to your social media profiles. After all, they’re also webpages and need to be ranked just like any other page.

Get as many likes or follows as possible. The more likes or follows you have, the higher the perceived authority.

Use your product’s names and your brand’s names in your tweet. This will increase the relevance of the page to the keywords you want to rank for.

Finally, make sure you have your brand name and/or your keywords in your profile’s shortcode or URL. Having the keyword there will help with the rankings, help Google identify the “official” page and help users find your page.

If you follow all these steps, your social media page has a very strong chance of ranking.

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Reduce Time and Stress Spent on Managing Social Media

Managing Social Media

Most business owners and entrepreneurs have extremely packed schedules. If your calendar is already full to the brim, where can you find time for social media? How can you manage your Twitter account, your Facebook page and your blog without over booking yourself and stressing yourself out? The answer: To add social media to your lifestyle. Instead of viewing it as another task, integrate it into how you live your life.

Here’s how to do it.

Tweet or Facebook on Your Smartphone

Tweet-Using-SmartphoneYou’re going to have downtime during the day. Perhaps it’s while you’re on the bus. Perhaps it’s while you’re eating lunch. Perhaps it’s when you’re in the bathroom.

Wherever it is, there are going to be times in the day where you’re simply not doing anything else. Instead of wasting this time, use your smartphone or your iPad and turn it into social media time.

Use this time to write 140 character Tweets. Use this time to update your Facebook page. Use this time to come up with new blog ideas or to write the outline for your next blog post.

Replace Newspaper With Tweeting Tweeting-Icon

For most people, the first thing they do in the morning is grab a cup of coffee and read the newspaper.

But the reality is, reading the newspaper isn’t going to do all that much for your business and professional life. Instead, what if you made tweeting with coffee your daily habit?

This would allow you to reach out to your audience while you’re just going through your everyday routines. You won’t ever miss a day of tweeting, because it’s part of your daily schedule.

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Why Facebook is not Taking Action Against Trading Fans and Likes
Why Facebook is not Taking Action Against Trading Fans and Likes

No doubt, Facebook is the trendiest thing these days and everyone – individuals and brands alike are trying to promote their profiles using this medium. But building a brand page and getting thousands of people to like your page is not an easy task. Thus, like any other technology, people are trying to find shortcuts. There are hundreds of ‘providers‘ selling facebook fans, facebook likes, facebook shares and made it a more like a commodity, beating the very meaning of the word ‘social media’. Here’s a snapshot of Google search result if you search for “buy facebook fans” –

buy facebook fans

Click on the Image to Enlarge

Also take a look at the demand side of it – number of searches being performed for it.

buy fb fans and likes

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So, it is clear that there’s a huge demand for it and there are many suppliers catering to it. Agree, these may not be automated likes, and they are real human beings. But 95% the fans purchased have fake profiles and are not real users. You will realize that once you start exploring the other side of it, ie, try joining any of these sites as a user (fan willing to sell your likes), then you will know who your ‘purchased fans’ are and what their motive is!

Now let’s take a look at the possible advantages and disadvantages of buying fans or likes.



A higher number of fans indicates how popular a brand is

Very often these are fake profiles, not genuine users
Adds social value to your web site

They may ever engage on your page or take part in discussions and other activities
A higher number would prompt more real fans to like the page You may get negative interaction on you wall between two ‘purchased fans’
They may not stay for ever

Also take a look at FB’s terms and conditions.

facebook fake profile

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Terms and conditions #4.2 says no individual is allowed to create more than 1 profile. Facebook’s page admin analytics shows the sources of the likes of each page which means they can easily track any suspicious fan growth. But why are they not acting?

  • Because they want to show a huge userbase?
  • Because they want business pages to spend more time and resources on facebook using their advertising platform.
  • The process of finding out and taking corrective actions are complex and expensive?

Whatever may be the reason, is it good in the long term for brands and for facebook itself? Is the cost of technology to maintain these fake profiles worth for Facebook?

What are your thoughts? Please share them below.

The 4 Most Important Factors to Having a Great Twitter Profile

Twitter Profile Tips

Your customers are the most haphazard brand managers in the world. While your internal brand managers might spend days figuring out the perfect message to put out, your customers are just going out there and sharing whatever comes to their mind. They do it without filters, to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people.

Twitter is the second largest social media in the world. It’s also the most conversational social media network. Getting your Twitter setup done well will make it easier and more likely for people to talk about you and to you on this vast and fast paced social network.

Here are the four most important things for optimizing your Twitter account.

#1 – Informative Username That Sounds Great

Your username should have a snap to it. People should hear the username and immediately understand what your business is about. It should ideally also either be identical to or be related to your business or brand’s name.

Ask other people what they think about your Twitter name before you commit to it. Ideally, the name you choose for Twitter account is also the name you use on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

#2 – A Background and Profile Photo That Stand Out profile-photo

The second thing you need is a background that really stands out and a profile photo that goes along with it.

Your background is your opportunity to demonstrate how much you care about your Twitter page. People who really care about Twitter put a lot of effort into their backgrounds. They look absolutely stunning.

Your background should be well designed. It should look like a lot of effort went into it; or it should look like it was done by a professional designer. If you don’t know how to make a world class design, consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Your Twitter profile photo should match and compliment this background.

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