7 Creative & Effective Ways to Engage your Facebook Fans

How engaging is your Facebook page? When people land on your page, do they feel inspired to engage with you, or do they simply “like” your page and never return? Engaging your Facebook Fans

Getting someone to “like” your page is simply the first step in a long two-way relationship. It’s not the end goal. Once someone has identified themselves as a fan of your organization, that’s when the real work begins.

Here’s how to engage your Facebook fans.

Aim to be Interactive
Reader Interaction

The idea is to pull your users into engaging with you. The dialogue should be a two way street. Engaging users isn’t just about putting out great content, it’s also about pulling the user into interacting with you in meaningful ways.

A lot of brands make the mistake of just sending content at their user in a one-way street. Instead, aim to be interactive. Get your user base involved.

Ask QuestionsAsk Questions

One easy way to get your user base involved is to ask questions. Multiple choice questions as well as open ended questions both end well.

The questions can be related to your market or current events, they could be personal or they could just be random and off the cuff. Experiment with different kinds of questions to see what your user base responds best to.

Create Polls and Quizzes

Create PollsThere are many, many tools you can use online to create interesting polls and quizzes.

Polls and quizzes are a fast and easy way for people to interact with you and with one another. The quiz should ideally be very short, only about 10 to 15 questions long. It should feel like a fun and entertaining thing to do, rather than a survey. Read more

How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Product or Service

Google+ is the newest social network in town and the fastest growing social network in history. As more and more people come onto Google+, it’ll become more and more important for businesses to be well versed in Google+ marketing strategies. G+ for your business

By learning about Google+ today, you’ll put yourself ahead of the curve. Not only will you be seen as progressive, but you’ll be able to establish your brand long before others have even realized the importance of Google+.

Here’s how to use Google+ to promote your product or service.

Create Meaningful Circle Segments
Perhaps the most valuable thing Google+ offers that Facebook doesn’t is the ability to sort your market by different segments. Using Google+’s circles, you’ll be able to choose exactly who gets to see what messages.

Create Meaningful Circle SegmentsSo how should you segment your customers?

Ideally, you should create a different circle and therefore a different segment for each different kind of “mindset” of customer that you have.

For example, you might have one circle for people who’ve bought your product, one circle for people who haven’t bought yet, one circle for people who’re affiliates of your product and one circle for people who’ve entered into a contest but didn’t win.

Each of these people might respond to different messages. For example, offering customer-only discounts to your past buyers could be a stellar strategy to get repeat buys. On the other hand, with people who haven’t bought yet, you might want to provide primarily trust building content.

Take Advantage of Google+’s Posting Features

Google+’s Posting Features

One thing that’s inherently different about Google+ than Facebook is the length and style of your posts.

On Facebook, you can only post 420 characters in a status update. That really puts a limit on what you can post. Essentially, you can only post short thoughts, short content and links.

On Google+ however, the limit is well over 2,000 characters. (There’s no set limit yet.) In addition, you can link to several videos, links and pictures within your post.

That means that unlike Facebook, on Google+ you can post entire pieces of content for your network to see. You can use Google+ as a direct way to publish useful information to your circles without having to refer people to an outside link.

Use this feature liberally. If you want to build a brand as an expert, Google+ offers a much more suited style than Facebook does.

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Top 10 Tips to Tweet your way to 1000’s of Followers

If getting Twitter followers seems like a mystery to you, read this article carefully. Tweet your way to 1000s of Followers

Getting Twitter to work for you is just like getting anything else in business to work: You need to first figure out a good system that works for you by testing a number of different things, then implement that system regularly.

Here are ten different ways you can increase your Twitter followers. Some of these might work for you, some might not. The only way to know is to try.

1. Springboard Your Followers With Existing Platforms

Springboard your followersDo you have a blog, an email list or an active Facebook page? If so, springboard your Twitter follower base by posting something about your Twitter feed on your existing platforms.

Make sure you place a “tweet” icon or “follow” icon on each and every page of your website.

2. Give Away Valuable Content

Content is the keyThe #1 thing people want on Twitter is valuable content. All the other marketing tactics really won’t matter if you don’t have valuable content being published on a regular basis.
Write your tweets as if you were writing a direct short message to your target audience. Make sure it’s packed with juicy tidbits or links to valuable resources.

3. Be As Controversial As Possible

Take on controversial topics. Explore the other side of the argument. Make statements that get people riled up.
While you might alienate some people by being controversial, you’ll also get a lot more exposure. Exposure means more followers.

The people who end up following you and becoming your fans are the people you’d want to attract anyway.

4. Retweet All the Time

Please RetweetRetweeting is a win/win for everyone involved. The person you’re retweeting will be ecstatic that you helped spread their message. Your followers will be exposed to new content that you like. And you’ll get more followers, as well as the goodwill of fellow tweeters.

5. Follow a Lot of People

Twitter Followers

Most active Twitter users watch their followers very closely. If you follow someone, there’s a very good chance they’ll follow you back.

In other words, if you want to get 300 additional followers, one of the fastest ways to do that is to simply follow 500 people.

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Facebook Security Features Explained [Infographic]

Facebook has  made quite a few changes over the last few months and users across the world are yet to get used to it. Amidst huge hues and cries regarding its security setting and features, Facebook has released this infogaphic  explaining the security features in detail.

It has several features such as Login Approvals, Login Notifications, and One Time Passwords to name a few. This infographic illustrates the full range of these features and show how they all work together to keep users safe while on Facebook. Check out the security infrastructure and security tools available to increase level of account security.

In this update Facebook says “Our considerable work has undoubtedly made Facebook a safer environment – less than half a percent of users experience spam on any given day and only a fraction of a percent of our users ever experience any security-related issues. But we know there is plenty of more work to be done and we will keep striving to make sure that every time you log in to Facebook, you have a safe and social experience.  We are adapting and responding to new threats everyday and will continue to roll out new ways to protect your account.”


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