Will Social Media be the Death of SEO?

“Is the end of SEO nigh?”
seo dead?

To say that the question is at the forefront of the minds of several SEO mavens would be an understatement. The ever-rising popularity of various social media channels (read Facebook and Twitter) and the resultant flurry of activities (read real-time search) happening there have, evidently, been causes for concern for many in the search business (Google included). Many of them don’t just raise the question; they are convinced that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for SEO, and that the SEO-Armageddon is upon them!

SEO Vs. SMO: What They Say?

This undeclared war between search and social media has the grapevine rife with rumors – that Facebook is all set to vanquish Google, that Twitter is already beating the search engines at their own game, and here’s the whopper, real-time search on social media has all but replaced the traditional and ‘slow’ search engines!

Since I just don’t see the SEO-beast rolling over and playing dead (Google.com is the most visited site on the web), I am not holding my breath. A bunch of over-zealous early-adopters and a few million users thundering towards the latest social media sites may cause it to break out in sweat (by their own admission, Google had been a tad complacent, and hadn’t really anticipated the developments at Facebook and Twitter) but kill it? I don’t think so.


Yes, things may look a little worrisome, the as-yet-undisclosed search aspirations of Facebook, who is practically nipping at Google’s heels in the race for web domination (Facebook clocked 2.6 billion visitors in November, falling short of Google’s traffic volume by just 35 million) and the almost unanticipated success and as-yet-untapped potential of Twitter Search (which has seen a 477.25% increase in unique visitors in the last one year, as opposed to Google’s 11.77%) appear to paint a pretty bleak SEO-picture. But, can Facebook and Twitter push the behemoth Google out of the picture? Will they prove to be the fabled Google-killers? Let’s be real people, Google’s an old hand at search, no logic suggests that these search-wannabes can do what Microsoft and Yahoo together couldn’t achieve.

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How to Order with Social Maximizer Contd.

Importing Sites and Submitting Existing Sites

As mentioned in the previous post, the purpose of this post is twofold:

1) to show you how easy and simple it is to import sites from your Directory Maximizer account

2) also to show you how easily you can place orders by submitting sites or pages already added to you Social Maximizer account

Let’s first tackle the issue of ‘Importing’ sites.

If you are a Directory Maximizer user, you have the added advantage of importing your sites from your Directory Maximizer account and being on the shortest route to have your site bookmarked.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on the ‘Import Sites’ button. This will cause a page with the site listings to pop up.

import icon

Choose the sites you wish to import to Social Maximizer, then click on the import button. And voila! The sites are in your account and you are already halfway through with submitting them!


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How to Order with Social Maximizer

The purpose of this post is to highlight the sheer simplicity and ease that the process of ordering with Social Maximizer entails. I will try to achieve just that by showing you the steps involved in the ordering process and pairing them with screenshots. Read on and make your social media marketing experience better.

Before you can avail of Social Maximizer’s bookmarking service, you need to, of course, sign up with us. But if you are a Directory Maximizer user, you don’t need to register anew at Social Maximizer – use the same login details and log in to your new Social Maximizer account.

Submitting a New Page

Once you are in your account, click on ‘Submit A New Page’. If you are a Directory Maximizer user and want to submit a site you’ve already added to your Directory Maximizer account, you have the option of ‘Importing Sites’; I shall explain how you can do that in the next post.

social submit1

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