FAQs on Social Bookmarking

1. What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where internet users can store, organize and manage their bookmarks (sites of their interest) on a public bookmarking site instead of their computers. Not only that, they can also share their bookmarks with their friends or a network of people. Social bookmarking makes the task of saving sites for future reference much easier and more accessible.

2. Advantages of Social Bookmarking

The main advantage of bookmarking a site is the Increase in Traffic. Social Bookmarking sites are used by millions of people around the world and by bookmarking your sites/your blog posts with them, you automatically get access to the large volume of traffic coming to these sites. All you need to do is have your pages bookmarked with the various Social Bookmarking sites and if the content is good then people will surely save and share it with others. As your bookmark is tagged by others or as more people vote, its popularity rises and it moves to the front pages of the category or site. This leads to an increase in traffic.

3. How does our Service work?

Please click here and check the ‘How It Works’ section to get a better idea.

4. What does a bookmark look like?

Here is a link to a page on the popular bookmarking site, Delicious, where you can view the bookmarks of a particular user: sample bookmarks on Delicious. Another type of site where people don’t necessarily save sites as bookmarks but share interesting stories, is Digg.com, a popular social news site. We submit to a combination of social bookmark and social news sites [difference between social bookmarking and social news sites

difference between social bookmarking and social news sites

5. Are these submissions made manually or through an automated process?

All the submissions are made manually by our highly-trained team of submitters. Prior to beginning the order, each site undergoes a review process. In this step our editors check the details of the submitted webpage to make sure they are free from any sort of errors and also write instructions for our submitters to follow while making the submissions to the Bookmarking sites.

6. How do I check where my site has been submitted, do I get a report?

Yes, you are provided with a detailed report on your submissions, which shows you the details of the submissions made along with a link of the final bookmarked url. You are also given an option to download this Report onto an Excel Spreadsheet.

To access this report, you’d need to:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the ‘View Reports’ icon
  • You’d then be taken to the section where you can view the reports of all the sites that you’ve submitted to till date
  • Click on the webpage for which you’d like to view the report
  • The details of the Social Bookmarks made for that webpage will be displayed below on the same page

7. Do you give an invoice for the order?

We give you an invoice for every order placed. You can view the invoices by clicking on the View Invoice icon in your account page.

8. How would I know if my bookmark has become popular?

The popularity of a bookmark is determined by the number of users that have bookmarked a link publicly. Next to each bookmark, you will see a number which shows how many people have saved it, shared it or voted for it. If the number is high then it indicates that the your web-page has become popular.


The numbers in the above image by the side of the Bookmarks, (148 & 220) indicate the popularity of the respective bookmarks, the latter being the more popular one!

9. Does it improve your rank with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

As your bookmark is shared & voted by more, the traffic to your site increases. As a consequence of the popularity, some people might decide to link to you therefore getting you links to your site, which can help with improving your rankings. You also get links from the bookmarking sites themselves. A few of these links can also help to some extent in improving your rankings.

10. What are titles and descriptions in Social Bookmarking and are they important?

Titles are of the utmost importance in Social Bookmarking because it determines whether the bookmark is going to be popular or not. The title is displayed as the headline of your listing, and has to be enticing enough to get the attention of the reader to make him want to read more. You need a title that is captivating enough to encourage people to click through to your site. Avoid the use of too much exclamation or something too promotional. A good title is one that will tell someone what your page is about and yet be interesting enough for them to want to read more.

A description is a short, yet informative paragraph describing the contents of the page being submitted in brief. It should essentially generate interest and encourage people to click through to the site. Avoid excessive exclamations, promotional text or sales language in the description.

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Math Professor + Social Bookmarking = ???

Richard, a senior school math professor, is known as a modern day professor by most of his peers as he follows a more unconventional method of teaching. Instead of relying on the regular text books used by every other professor, he would use the Internet extensively to update himself and keep his students abreast about the changing phenomenons in the world of math. He was on every educational institutes’ newsfeed, apart from being amongst the first to be updated by publishers on new updates via email. But this isn’t just it, he also researches the internet on a day-to-day basis for new theories, which if he finds interesting, he has the site added to his desktop’s web browser.

Photography is also one of Richard’s interests, so when not at work he’s also reading up on the latest lens in the market, apart from different photographic techniques, participating in several activity forums, to mention a few. With the desire to share these sites with his like-minded friends in the future, he saves these bookmarks as well on his browser.

social-bookmarking-explainedWith his findings running into hundreds in a few months time, Richard is beginning to realize the need for a more efficient system as with time, it’s only becoming increasingly difficult for him to locate his bookmarks. This apart, every time he steps out of home, he doesn’t have access to his system, so just in case he’s forgotten to email the researched information to his students, sharing his findings becomes an issue.

On one such day, that he’s forgotten to email his previous evenings findings, he discusses this issue with his class. At that time, Andrew tells Professor Richard about this site called Del.icio.us, which he uses to manage his bookmarks of gaming sites. Whenever Andrew finds a great gaming website that he’d like to bookmark, he just clicks on the “Tag” button on his browser to add it to his Del.icio.us account and enters a few relevant keywords that can help him find this bookmark at a future date. Not only this, since his list is public, he also directs his friends and college mates to it, which they can then find through keywords. Del.icio.us being online, also means that Andrew’s bookmarks aren’t just restricted to a single system.

On listening to this information Professor Richard’s heaves a sigh of relief, for he knows that this is exactly what he’s been looking for. He goes back home and spends the next few weeks reorganizing his bookmarks taking them online to Del.icio.us for his respective groups.

As you have understood we are talking about Social bookmarking. To summarize, Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking
can very briefly be explained as a method where users of the World Wide Web save, organize, search, manage and share bookmarks of pages on the Internet with the help of tags or in simpler terms, keywords.


What is Social Bookmarking?

There was a time when we used to bookmark our favorite sites on a small toolbar on our computers or laptops. However, as you are reading this article, the age of bookmarking sites on your PC is becoming history at a rapid pace. Ask yourself the question… “Do you still carry your PC around and plug it in to check your favorite sites wherever you go?” I don’t think so!

what-is-social-bookmarking-1This new phenomenon we are talking about is called ‘Social Bookmarking’ & it has taken the web by storm.

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where Internet users store their favorite pages on these “bookmark” sites online. Users also have the option of sharing these pages with their network of friends.

In other words, you store your favorite websites or web pages as ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favorites’ on Social Bookmarking sites online instead of your desktop computers or laptops, making them accessible anywhere you go. With Social Bookmarking you can store, organize and manage your bookmarked sites for social viewing and also browse through others’ bookmarks and add them to your list of bookmarks. Not only that you can also share your bookmarks with your friends or a network of people. Gone are the days when you needed to call or email your friends to tell them about your favorite sites, we have moved to better times now!


Here is a video to show you how social bookmarking works. In this video, delicious has been used as an example of a social bookmarking site. I’m sure that all your doubts about social bookmarking will be cleared after you see this video.

Social bookmarking has given people a huge opportunity to show off & share their ‘favorites’ with the world. You don’t have to go through a long process to share it with your friends & you can access the list anytime from anywhere.

So now that you know all about social bookmarking you can immediately start bookmarking your favorite sites & articles. I’m sure the 1st bookmark

will be for this article right?what-is-social-bookmarking-3


6 Tactics That Will Make Your Site Super Popular In Social Bookmarking Sites

How easy would it be if all our blogs, websites, and articles were of the “celebrity status” and we could just sit back and watch the swelling traffic to them! Unfortunately as such is not the case, so we mere mortals have to do a bit of a “age old slogging” to see that swell in the traffic to our website. Now how do we go about the ‘slogging’? One of the many ways of attracting traffic is Social Bookmarking.

Before going into the other intricacies of Social Bookmarking, let me quickly take you through what Social Bookmarking is. Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where Internet users store and share their favorite online pages. As a marketing tool, it’s the aspect of publicly sharing bookmarks that can generate traffic to a blog/website.

Making an article or for that matter a website or a blog popular using Social Bookmarking can be done as follows:

1. how-to-make-your-site-popular-in-social-bookmarking-sites-1Content: Providing fresh and unique content is the most important aspect of gaining popularity in Social Bookmarking. The content has to be worth sharing, in order to get the interest of others, share your best stuff. Remember in a Social Bookmarking site “Content is King”, always.

2. Attractive Titles: The title/headline used in bookmarking your story can play a crucial role in determining the popularity of your listing. It has to immediately capture the interest of the reader. E.g., this post on Digg has got 1140 votes, the title of the article is ‘7 Completely Unrealistic Movie Plots (That Came True)’, another popular article was ‘Want to fool Apple’s App Store? Plant an Easter Egg’. These titles are interesting and will make the reader want to read the article as well. It is also recommended to use humor in your titles wherever possible.

3. Tags: Tagging your article in with the correct keywords is very important in Social Bookmarking. Tags can help categorize the web pages or articles making it easier for others to find topics of their interest easily under a relevant tag.

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4 Basic Reasons Why You Should Bookmark Your Site

You come across an interesting website at home and bookmark it on your browser for future reference. However, when you get to office, you realize that you’d like to share the link with some of your colleagues. Now, only if you could remember the URL! This is just one of the many scenarios that led to the development of online bookmark sites and to the evolution of social bookmarking sites.

For all those who are addicted to the Internet & have that undying quest for information & find it difficult to manage their database, Social Bookmarking is the answer, an apt tool for storing different sources of information in one place.


The Internet has always been the playground to do great businesses. With the entry of Social Bookmarking, things have just got better. You see a diverse group of individuals coming on to the same platform to bond and share their views.

· Organizing Sites – Almost every day you come across some sites you want to bookmark for future reference. However, if you keep bookmarking all these sites, you are going to have such a large number of sites in your bookmark that you will never be able to find the right one when required. This is where social bookmarking comes in. In a social bookmarking site, you can not only bookmark different sites but you can also organize the bookmarks according to different tags, folders or categories. Whenever you need any information on a topic, you can simply open the topic folder or go to the topic category & choose from the list of bookmarks listed under it.

· Easy Accessibility – A very important advantage of using any form of social medium is accessibility. The same accessibility is Social Bookmarking’s USP also. You can access these Social Bookmarking sites from your home, office, friend’s PC or even from your phone. It has changed the way searches are made on the Internet. You no longer to go to search engines every time you need to search something. For example, John is an avid car enthusiast and Peter; a layman wants to know more about cars. Instead of searching on the net, all he needs to do is run through John’s bookmarks and he will get to know a lot about cars.

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Social Media Sites – News, Networking and Bookmarking

With the advent & expansion of the Internet, more & more businesses are exploring online territories. As businesses are booming online, a new trend has emerged which is giving the traditional form of marketing a tough time. The varying needs & the diverse target audience has lead to the evolution of a variety of social medias.

First, let us see what a Social Media is? A definition of this term can be defined in two ways. From a business’s point of view, “a social media is a medium through which it can make available to its target audience information about its products & services, irrespective of the geographical barrier, trying to influence him in such a way, so that he becomes a customer”.
On the other hand, for a client, a social media can have a different connotation altogether. For a buyer a social media gives him a platform to discuss the various options available in front & only after he is convinced about the reputation of the provider would the deal come through.

A social media can also be used in various other ways apart from business, as in building a social network & more. In fact as mentioned earlier, the social media can be classified into three major groups which in turn may have niche subgroups. The three major types of social media are:


Social News websites are communities, which allow its users to submit news, stories, articles, & visual media such as videos & pictures. This can be shared with the other users on the contact list or left for public viewing. Depending on the number of votes that the content gets, the online visibility of the news item, article or media increases in ranking. If your content is good, social news sites act as a catalyst & make it viral.

Social News websites generally function via “The good judgment of the masses” theory. Individuals or a group of individuals with diverse points of views are able to as a group establish the value of a content that gets “voted” by the community. The users of the website act as “freelance editors” & influence the online visibility of the content.

reddit-social-maximizer3digg-social-maximizer2yahoo-ask-social-maximizer2A few popular social news sites are: Digg, Yahoo! Buzz, reditt & more.


Now not being restricted to casual networking or the Gen Y’s pastime, social networking has grown big time & evolved into a strong marketing tool for the online business community.

Social networks are web-based services that allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system. They can have other users as friends with whom they share certain common interests. It is also possible to view & share each other’s list of resources which has made it such a success.

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Social Bookmarking and Social News sites… Same Difference?

I have recently installed the StumbleUpon toolbar on my site and trust me “I love stumbling!!!!” Jokes apart, it’s been noticed that the netizens are getting addicted to more and more social bookmarking as well as social news sites. Did I hear, “why have different names for the same thing?” Well to a large extent both social bookmarking and social news sites are similar, barring a few differences. However, before venturing onto the differences, let’s have a quick look at what these two applications are.

Social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking your favorite sites online. There are many Social Bookmarking sites that you can login to and store your bookmarks. Not only that, you can even share these bookmarks with your friends. You are given the choice to share a bookmark or keep it private. stumble-upon-social-maximizer1delicious-social-maximizer2You no longer have to limit the sites that you want to bookmark, you can bookmark any number of sites that you want and organize them under different categories or tags.
Some of the Social Bookmarking sites are: Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon.com etc.

On the other hand, Social News Websites are communities, which allow its users to submit news stories, articles, and media (videos/pictures) and share them with other users or the general public. reddit-social-maximizer2yahoo-ask-social-maximizer1digg-social-maximizer1Social News websites generally function via “The good judgment of the masses” theory. If you like an article you can vote for it and the articles that gets most votes comes to the top getting maximum viewing.
A few popular social news sites are: Digg.com , Yahoo! Buzz , Reditt.com  and more.

Now that we have understood what social bookmarking and social news sites are, let’s move on to the differences (as mentioned earlier, there are only a few minor differences between the two):

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Social Media Marketing – What, How and Why

The “socializing quality” has been the differentiating factor that has always kept man superior to other creatures. Keeping this basic nature of man in mind, social media has evolved on a scale par excellence. Having said that, let’s see the What, How and Why of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing is a form of Internet marketing seeking to popularize your brand and to reach out to a target audience (general or niche) through a social media. A social media can be of different forms such as internet forums, blogs, e-mails, social networks, social bookmarking sites, groups, weblogs, video sharing sites etc. Social Media Marketing as it’s usually known as is marketing one’s services, products or other things using this medium.


Social Media Marketing is not about creating a social profile and then forgetting about it. Rather, it is about connecting to the target audience. Once having set up a profile on a forum or blog, instead of bluntly going about promoting your services / product you need to “earn” the trust of your audience. This can be done by actively engaging in the discussions, giving suggestions and helping out people.

Social MaximizerContribution of quality content to blogs, forums, articles etc also wins you a fan following which in itself is a boost to your brand. As the fans spread word about you, your brand reaches many others. Empathizing and walking with the consumers in their shoes would also take you miles ahead of your competitors.

People will start trusting you if they think you have the knowledge and are genuine; they will be repelled if they sense that you are out only to market your product or service. Once you have earned sufficient trust, you can slowly talk about your product & relate it to the conversation. People will definitely notice it.


Here are some of the reasons why Social Media Marketing is becoming such a rage with site owners around the world:
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Directory Maximizer:  A Manual Directory Submission Service, where we submit our client’s websites to Search Engine Friendly Directories, helping them build links to their site with text of their choice, thereby leading to an improvement of their Rankings in the Search Engines and consequently higher traffic as well.

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We’ve researched the web and picked out the finest paid directories online and got them at specially discounted prices just for our client’s. Links will be approved within a week’s time and if rejected the amount is refunded. Client’s can also submit inner-pages of their site with this service. Prices start at as low as $4 and go up to $49.95.

Niche Directory Submissions

Niche directories  list only those websites that deal with, or are in some way related to, the specific character or genre of the directory. Travel directories or shopping directories for example, would be niche directories that only list travel and e-commerce  websites respectively.  Use our service to submit your sites to niche directories related to your industry to get guaranteed links with good quality score.

Custom Submissions

Out here, we allow our client’s to submit to directories in their line of business (niche directories) or to any other specific list of directories that they have. On choosing to use this service, their account is customized according to their requirements before they can get started. The price, as for all niche services, is slightly higher here, but is mutually decided upon with the client based on the work to be done.

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