What is Social Bookmarking?

Posted on May 20, 2009 
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There was a time when we used to bookmark our favorite sites on a small toolbar on our computers or laptops. However, as you are reading this article, the age of bookmarking sites on your PC is becoming history at a rapid pace. Ask yourself the question… “Do you still carry your PC around and plug it in to check your favorite sites wherever you go?” I don’t think so!

what-is-social-bookmarking-1This new phenomenon we are talking about is called ‘Social Bookmarking’ & it has taken the web by storm.

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where Internet users store their favorite pages on these “bookmark” sites online. Users also have the option of sharing these pages with their network of friends.

In other words, you store your favorite websites or web pages as ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favorites’ on Social Bookmarking sites online instead of your desktop computers or laptops, making them accessible anywhere you go. With Social Bookmarking you can store, organize and manage your bookmarked sites for social viewing and also browse through others’ bookmarks and add them to your list of bookmarks. Not only that you can also share your bookmarks with your friends or a network of people. Gone are the days when you needed to call or email your friends to tell them about your favorite sites, we have moved to better times now!


Here is a video to show you how social bookmarking works. In this video, delicious has been used as an example of a social bookmarking site. I’m sure that all your doubts about social bookmarking will be cleared after you see this video.

Social bookmarking has given people a huge opportunity to show off & share their ‘favorites’ with the world. You don’t have to go through a long process to share it with your friends & you can access the list anytime from anywhere.

So now that you know all about social bookmarking you can immediately start bookmarking your favorite sites & articles. I’m sure the 1st bookmark will be for this article right?what-is-social-bookmarking-3


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